Developments of the Kazakh scientists will go into space

The developments of the Kazakh scientists will go into space. The first nano-satellite of domestic production will be launched into the near-Earth orbit in the middle of the year. It will be delivered to space by Falcon 9, American launch vehicle. The new device is designed to study the earth's magnetic field and collect data that will help Kazakh seismologists predict the earthquakes. Today, the prototype of the device is being tested at the National Center of Space Research and Technology in Astana.


- The Pupsat nanosatellite format is placed in this container and the top is covered with a lid. The output into the orbit is done in this container. When the spacecraft separation point is reached, the lid of this container is opened and then the spring system squeezes this apparatus from bottom outward into space.

The Institute of Space Technique and Technology, established 9 years ago, is one of the few domestic enterprises where the volume of self-financing has reached 72%. Production of high-tech was established prior to developing the space satellite. The high-precision satellite navigation system, modems for data collection and transmissions on thermal networks have been operating uninterruptedly for five years. Today, the emergency call system in case of accidents and catastrophes is being completed in the institute. The system will be launched early next year.