Kazakh television marks 60th anniversary: technological innovations

Technological innovations are an integral part of television. The latest technologies play a significant role in television production, from sound recording and video equipment to software that ensures uninterrupted broadcasting. The biggest technological shift in television journalism happened in the latest 10 years. Transition to digital broadcasting and digital media completely changed the work of Kazakhstan’s television professionals. Salima Nigmatulina dedicated almost two decades of her life to television. Today, Kazakh TV channel's technical control specialist recollects the hardships experienced before the arrival of the latest technologies.


- Previously, to edit footage, we had to use three to four cassettes, and several power lines. All that for 30 seconds of footage. And now we don’t have to go anywhere. We just sit at the computer, place a request for archival footage, receive it by Internet via Dalet, edit the footage and send it on-air. It is much easier now.

Introduction of Cynegy is one of the latest innovations in the Khabar Agency. This automatic system provides more opportunities for all the television professionals, improving the work efficiency of each of them. The control room staff appreciates the benefits of Cynegy, because time is especially valuable for them. Cynegy is a great innovation, since it speeds up the operations by 10 times.


- The advantage of Cynegy is that it can immediately air programs. As soon as downloading starts in Cynegy, I can air the videos. It continues playing the video and downloading it at the same time. It can play the video on-air and download the rest of the video. If the first 5-10% is downloaded, the media files can go on air.

Latest technological developments bring new opportunities to television. What was difficult to imagine just a quarter of a century ago is reality today. For example, Kazakh TV introduced the three-channel broadcasting in Kazakh, Russian and English and it has become a major innovation for Kazakhstan’s television. Engineer of the technical department Zhanna Akhmadiyeva says that it is important to be flexible, open to innovations and ready to learn every day in the rapidly changing environment of the “Age of New Technologies.”


- As for the transition to the three-channel broadcasting, we had to perform a test channeling, send a signal for Europe and confirm that we provide a stable signal. Television is an industry where you should always keep up with the latest developments. We need to learn something new every day on television. Technical features are changing every year. 

However, all these innovations are only a small part of the continuous development process of Kazakhstan’s television. This year, introduction of additional innovative solutions is planned. It is unknown what innovations will be introduced but it is clear that they will allow the audience in Kazakhstan to continue enjoying professional and high-quality television products.