Domestic specialists will receive five-year training in information technologies

Until the end of the year, public and private sector specialists will be trained as part of the Digital Kazakhstan program. Representatives of the Zerde National Holding signed an agreement with one of leading international IT companies. As part of the memorandum, domestic specialists will receive five-year training in information technologies. In addition, according to the agreement, computer programming courses will be organized in schools and higher educational institutions. The parties also agreed to open a laboratory for the IT startup projects.


- It is very important to create sites and laboratories, where both students and existing companies could use this equipment, not only the server equipment, but also different sensors and devices to test the ideas.

As part the Digital Kazakhstan program, nearly 140 projects will be implemented. Experts predict that by 2025, a third of GDP growth will be contributed by digital transformation. For this purpose, it is worth to focus on development of international cooperation and to introduce the world's best practices, experts say.


- Speaking about network technologies, we offer Wi-Fi solutions, which are the most productive ones today. I have a 335th point in my hand, which allows me to transfer information at a speed of 2.5 gigabits per second. We offer the Meridian solution for Kazakhstan that allows using the navigation inside the buildings and finding the necessary products.