101 state services related to agro-industrial complex will be automated in Kazakhstan

Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture intends to introduce a unique IT system in Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex. Digital technologies will allow the ministry to trace products of the agro-industrial complex, including livestock, crop and fish products. Smart farms, precision agriculture technologies, electronic field maps and sensors are some of the technologies to be introduced in the sector. In order to increase the competitiveness of the local products, labor productivity and attract investments in the industry, 101 state services and processes related to the agro-industrial complex will be automated. Experts are confident that all this will reduce the losses of farmers by at least a quarter. The economic effect from digital transformations can reach 40 billion tenge by 2025.


- Regarding the subsidies, people who work in IT can get them. They can provide a number of proposals to the market. Representatives of our Ministry of Agriculture will open the base code and organize this work through its project offices.