Digital Army 2020 program was developed in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan pays special attention to the development and modernization of its army.  Digital Army 2020 program has been developed to strengthen efficiency of managing the Kazakh Armed Forces with the help of information technologies. The project includes the creation of an information and telecommunications infrastructure at management facilities, development of the digital research and experimental base of the Kazakh Defense Ministry and creation of a military research hub on information security.


- The ways of conducting military operations are changing in the 21st century. We have opened areas on cyber and information security as well as training for military journalists. We paid attention to the training of specialists of territorial troops.

The leadership of the Kazakh Defense Ministry focuses on strengthening the military-patriotic education of the younger generation. Centers for the military-patriotic education have been established based on the 15 branches of the military technical schools. Kazakh Defense Minister also highlighted that Kazakh schools train cadets from the neighboring Central Asian countries and abroad.


- Our colleagues from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia receive training from our colleges. Other states are already showing interest in our colleges, too. Regarding the education abroad, we believe that our citizens should receive basic military education in Kazakhstan. Our trainees can take courses which last for 2-6 months and take place in different countries like Russia, America, Europe, China and India.