Virtual trip to Kazakhstan’s Sacral Sites

There is an opportunity to visit sacral sites of Kazakhstan from any part of the world. The website makes virtual travels possible. The application is available only for the users of Android operating system. There are 100 landmark sites in the electronic guide. This year scientists plan to add 85 more sacral sites of the national importance.  


- On the interactive map, people can find accurate coordinates and data for every sacral site. They also can find pictures and useful links at the website.

Residents and visitors of Astana can visit the special hall “Ruhani Zhanghyru” in the National Museum of Kazakhstan to observe the interactive map, results of archeological researches and artifacts from sacred sites of Kazakhstan. The valuable exhibits presented here were brought from various parts of Kazakhstan. Some of them will be subsequently donated to the museum.  


- Many exhibits were brought here from regional museums. For instance, this is Mirzhakip Dulatov’s fur coat. It is made of horse skin. The writer was wearing it for three years. From the history we know that only wealthy people could afford it.

The “Ruhani Zhanghyru” hall opened in the museum in early 2018. The next exposition is planned to be held in May. The historic heritage of Kazakhstan’s Western regions will be presented here. The exposition will also include artifacts found in Kazakhstan’s sacral sites.