Who makes infographic and tables on television?

Visual artists and designers worked for two weeks to complete this ten-second motion graphics. Their work is not visible for viewers but very important for television. A professional team of designers should have creative imagination, inventive mind, modern approaches as well as the latest equipment and software. They are responsible for the creation of infographics and tables. They make figures more clear for viewers. Artists always performed an important role in Kazakhstan’s television. They were replaced by designers in the 90s. This television activity has been developing for 25 years since the emergence of the first computer graphics. Today forty percent of the modern television content is graphic design. 


- We can see great progress in terms of software and hardware. For example, three to four years ago we couldn’t even dream about high speed computers. Previously, rendering, it’s a term that means display of images in a video, took a lot of time and it takes less time now because some software now have different architecture.

Television requires consolidated teamwork. In many aspects, the quality of television programs depends on the people who work off screen. For example, a video editor handles designers’ graphics, journalists’ text, video shots by cameramen, presenters’ voiceovers and background music. He is the one who perfects television news stories. Video editor’s work is not easy. He removes unnecessary shots from the material created by the team and combines shots into sequences.  


- It is a very fine and precise work that viewers don’t see. We apply various special effects and colors and we also use certain tricks. We live in the age of digital technologies. And video editor’s work is currently very demanded and relevant.

Off-screen television professionals do their best to catch up with the latest world trends and contribute to the development of the Kazakh television. In their demanding and hard work, they skillfully apply latest technologies to provide viewers with the high-quality television content.