A student from the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Aktau presented the ‘Smart Home’ project

A student from the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Aktau presented the ‘Smart Home’ project. The invention of Nazerke Amankosova is equipped with green technologies and does not depend on the urban infrastructure. Solar panels are installed in the autonomous building which will provide residents with electricity and heat. She fixed the low oxygen problem which is faced by residents of the upper floors.


 - I installed a greenhouse on the roof of the ‘Smart House.’ The oxygen released by this complex will be transmitted through ventilation to apartments of the upper floors.

A young inventor has already implemented a universal complex. This building is shaped as an open flower. Solar panels are installed on the petals of the flower like building. According to the author, the center of extreme sports will be placed in this building.


 - Today, the Caspian coast is an important link in developing the oil industry. Let me tell a little about the idea of my student-inventor. In order to develop tourism in the region, she created an original project. The project is peculiar because it can be built on any coast or island. The building has independent sources of energy as well as a center for water purification and a system of drinking water storage.

The inventor wants to implement projects such as a park with green technologies. Thanks to the attraction of investors, the management of the educational institution expects that the future projects of Kazakh students will be realized.