International festival "ROBOLAND-2018" was held in Karaganda

Robot developers and designers gathered together in Karaganda. 800 teams from Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland and Kyrgyzstan presented their works at the ROBOLAND international festival. This year, school students were admitted for participation in the competition. The organizers also expanded the number of nominations. 

This is a dancing robot named Sonya – created by young designers from the Russian city of Tomsk. Sonya has attracted the attention of all the festival participants. She can stand on her head, do splits and perform other acrobatic exercises.


 - We are planning to improve our robot. For example, we will improve its interaction with sensors, adding additional details to this robot. Our robots will not only dance, but will be able to do sports and overcome obstacles.

The complexity of assignments at the festival was based on the age group of the participants. High school students had to form an effective football team, and the preschoolers competed in assembling robots.


 - We have organized a competition in 32 nominations. In 2015, we had only 70 participants, and today there are about 1,600 participants.

Educational Robotics project has been ongoing in the Karaganda region for four year. More than 200 teachers were trained in this discipline. The region currently has nearly 500 robotics laboratories. According to the representatives of the local department of education, before the end of this year, robotics laboratories will open in all schools across the region.