Greenhouse cluster development in Kazakhstan

New high technology greenhouses are actively introduced in Southern Kazakhstan. It is an opportunity to have good harvests in the shortest amount of time. Here, they learn technologies from their South Korean partners on establishing smart greenhouses. Agronomist from Turkestan, Galymzhan Shaltayev has equipped his greenhouse with climate control system that allows maintaining the same temperature in the greenhouse throughout the year. The entrepreneur grows twelve thousand bell pepper bushes on the area of 3,500 sq. meters. He plans to collect up to 30-35 tonnes of products.


 - These greenhouses are different because they have a three-layer cover. As you can see, there are three screens. They cover everything completely. Heating starts working only after the screen is closed, thus we save fuel.

70% of greenhouses in the region are automated. For instance, one hectare yields over 200 tonnes of cucumbers and about 400 tonnes of tomatoes a year. In 2017, the total area of greenhouses in the region grew 18% compared to 2016. There are 570 greenhouses covering the area of 65 hectares in the city of Turkestan alone.


 - We plan to expand the total area of greenhouses to 110 hectares in two years. Industrial greenhouses will be located on 30 hectares. It will allow to provide products to the citizens of Turkestan and neighboring regions and to export goods abroad as well.

Entrepreneurs in Sairam district of South Kazakhstan region plan to expand the number of mushroom greenhouses. They plan to add five more hectares to the existing 2.7 hectares of land. Mushrooms grown on a Dutch technology are sold out at a local market. There is a great demand for them in Astana, Almaty and Karagandy as well. Last year, they harvested 200 tonnes of high quality products.


 - We plan to expand our capacity. There is unoccupied land not far from us. We want to construct a greenhouse there. We will grow Mycelia and peat ourselves.

South Kazakhstan region is a leader of greenhouse industry in Kazakhstan. The total area of all greenhouses here makes up 1,325 hectares which is 80% of the total amount of greenhouses in Kazakhstan. This year the regional agrarians plan to expand the area to 200 hectares. Most of the greenhouses are located in Saryagash, Kazygurt, Ordabasy districts and in Turkestan city.