Who helps scientists to commercialize their inventions?

Development of science is gaining momentum in Kazakhstan. This year, the members of the Kazakh Foundation of Science will implement 96 innovative projects. Technological brokers are playing a big role in promotion of tech projects. Several years ago, the profession was rare on the domestic labor market. Today, there is a high demand for tech brokers. 


 - We want to organize a brokerage event. Entrepreneurs will present themselves and our designers will show their products.

The technology broker is a mediator between science and business. This helps scientists commercialize their inventions and the business can optimize and make production more efficient. Zhanbolat Kanalin is a technology broker.


 - Each of us has his own experience and skills. Some of us worked in business and some in science. We have our own database of investor contacts, expert database as well as a database of projects. If the project is interesting to the market and if business has a need, we build a bridge and identify the needs and find a solution. From the scientific point of view, we prepare all the accompanying documents; we pack everything and create beautiful presentations.

The tech broker from Astana is currently promoting eight projects, including manufacturing of animal feed and highly effective bio fertilizer. He has successfully closed the deal on the project of a smart street lighting system in Karaganda. The innovation allows saving energy by regulating the work of lamps, identifying a malfunction and predicting the failure of the lighting devices.


 - We are on the path of such advanced simple solutions from a user's point of view. We use a web interface and cloud technologies in order to coordinate the operation of the system. We use a smart network to connect each device and lamp with the entire system.

Today, there are only eight technology brokers in Kazakhstan. The future of many innovative projects depends on technological brokers. They can identify and select promising technologies and scientific developments, and bring new products to the market.