First electronic reading room has been opened in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s first electronic reading room has been opened at the National Center for Manuscripts and Rare Books.  More than half a million historical copies are stored here. The digital technologies have allowed people to visit the virtual library while staying home. Kazakh readers have access to unique books of almost all libraries, archives and museums of the world. The authentic works by Al Farabi, Khoja Ahmed Yasawi and many other scientists of the East were digitized.


- Every work, book and manuscript is restored. We digitize these rare books. In fact, they are very rare. The books have a single copy in the world and are stored in the national center.

Readers can copy necessary information to their electronic devices. According to experts, in the near future such reading rooms will open in all libraries of the country. The so-called digital transformation of printed publications began in Uralsk. The regional Zhuban Moldagaliyev fund includes over 400,000 books. The experts continuously work on transforming literature into the electronic format. The necessary book can be found very quickly and can be accessed in smartphones and other devices.


 - I taught at the school and in my understanding the work of a librarian was only about issuing and receiving books. By becoming the librarian, I realized that from registering a new book, the work is a very complicated technological process. We should possess knowledge, erudition and responsibility.

The catalogs were the first to be digitized; the books are being transferred into the electronic format. Thus, the works of Russian classics and world literature classics can be found at the stops and stations of Uralsk. The barcodes of the books will be implemented in schools and colleges.


 - According to the Digital Kazakhstan program, we conduct the extensive work. Today, we have already transferred more than 3000 books into the digital format. In total, we plan to digitize about 300,000 books from the library's fund.

Libraries of Western Kazakhstan joined the top five libraries according to the specialized rating. The fund has more than 5500 million books and 300,000 regular readers. The book does not lose popularity even in the age of electronic devices and virtual communication.