More than 100 teams participated in contest of the best Kazakh start-up projects

The best Kazakh start-up projects will be applied. Results of the contest among the authors of innovation projects were summed up at Nazarbayev University. Participants presented modern solutions in medicine, agriculture and energy efficiency to the jury. Winners of the contest got an opportunity to get into a business incubation program based on the university's Technopark and get acquainted with potential investors. More than 100 teams, including beginner entrepreneurs and students submitted their applications to participate in the contest.


 - Within three months we will try to identify teams as well as high-tech companies that will become residents of our Technopark and will be able to create new, interesting and high-tech projects.

In order to support the business idea, the contestants develop interesting start-ups and ways to implement them. The goal of the next stage is to present interestingly and to convince the jury and potential investors in the success of the idea. In return, the commission expects an authentic and economically profitable project from each participant.


 - I always look for 3 things: the market capacity of project, the team and the idea.

This year the projects with the green technologies topic were a special focus.  A number of start-up projects are about the concern for the environment. One of the teams presented the idea of year-round cultivation of vegetables and fruits without the use of chemicals and harm to the soil. Another team suggests that Kazakhs take plastic containers and in exchange receive beautiful art-crafts made of the same crushed plastic.


 - We think that with this project we will be able to conduct good educational work among our employees, students, and in general, among our compatriots. We will have very interesting products and we want to work with the art community. You can come and even get a subscription in the workshop, recycle your plastic and take your product.

The jury selected 12 high-tech projects out of the 100 presented startups. The winners will take their place in the university's Technopark and will soon start the implementation stage.