By 2025 computers will be entrusted to plan budgets of factories

The future lies in digital technologies. The newest IT allows bringing industrial production management to a new level. Benefits of automation are already enjoyed in 13 mining and metallurgical enterprises of Eastern Kazakhstan.

Computing machines control the melting process at the lead production of the Oskemen metallurgical complex. Workers can monitor the batch supply to smelters. It is no longer necessary to stand at the conveyors. The conveyors are automatically controlled. The main remote controller is located in a computer room where the shop capacity is adjusted.

IVAN OLEINIK, smelter:

- I'm monitoring the analysis of our products which are slag. There isn’t enough calcium oxide, so I'm adding the load of this material to add more calcium.

The specialists learn how to manage complex mechanisms and smelters in production. Young professionals are trained at a local technical university.


- Metallurgy always needs a specialist. In 2017, 60 students graduated, this year we have around 57-60 master students and they all work for us.

By 2025 the range of functions of computing machines involved in production will be significantly expanded. Computers will be entrusted to plan budgets of factories.