Robotization of production

A new production of metal constructions and equipment for the oil and gas industry has been launched in Atyrau. The plant is different with its modern robotic complexes of welding.


- This section went through the shop modernization in 2017. This includes a complete automated process which means installment of robotic welding. These are the best brands in the world. Due to this, the quality and speed of output of finished products is increased.

The main part of human labor is undertaken by robot welders. These are entire digital complexes which replace up to several specialists at the same time. The plant's capacity is 6000 tonnes of metal constructions per year.


 - This device replaces the work of 3-4 people. Another advantage is security. They can be managed remotely. The robot welder is a very powerful device. This affects the quality of welding. For example, a thick metal is smoothly taken into the entire depth of the seam. The finished parts meet the world quality standards.

The plant intends to produce metal products and constructions, as well as drilling rigs and other products demanded by the oil companies. The project is expected to have a large multiplier effect. This is an import substitution and an increase in the level of skills of local specialists.