Almaty surgeons perform implantation of subcutaneous cardioverter-defibrillator

A surgery was performed today using innovative technologies in the Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Diseases in Almaty. A patient was at a risk of a sudden cardiac arrest, which is why surgeons implanted him with a cardioverter-defibrillator with a subcutaneous electrode. This device automatically detects a cessation of the heartbeat and sends an electrical impulse. This stimulates the heart.

“It will be located in the armpit area and is implanted under the skin. Accordingly, it does not hinder the hand movement of the patient. Most importantly, it can recognize ventricular fibrillation, which is incompatible with life, give shocks and revive the patient. The Institute of Cardiology was one of the first to perform this surgery,” said Roin Rekvava, Head of Arrythmology Department at the Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Diseases.

Over the past two days, surgeons conducted three surgeries implanting this device. It has shown its effectiveness. Presently, an experienced arrhythmologist Roin Rekvava conducts master classes for young professionals.

“The patient’s heart has stopped. Ventricular fibrillation. Detection. It charged. It should now restore. Shock. The rhythm is restored,” Rekvava said.

The implantation of a subcutaneous cardioverter-defibrillator can be carried out on a quota at the expense of the state. Giving a person a chance to prolong life is our main goal, cardiologists say.