Gamma camera helps make diagnosis accurately

The Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Diseases in Almaty has launched a new unique device called gamma camera. It helps see which heart areas receive good blood supply and which receive bad blood supply. The gamma camera captures the radiation and sends the image to the computer. This is enough to make a diagnosis and determine the treatment method accurately. A 61-year-old Nikolai Solokhitdinov underwent a medical examination using this device without any tests and additional studies.

“The examination takes not two minutes, not three, but a long time. I felt fine while using the device. I have not felt any discomfort,” said the patient Nikolai Solokhitdinov.

As a result of the examination, Nikolai was scheduled for the bypass surgery that will restore normal blood flow in his heart’s arteries.

“To date, it is basically the one and only method capable of determining the extent of ischemia. Any patients who have abnormalities in myocardial function are our patients who are planning a surgery, and need to determine whether they can do with medical treatment or they need surgical intervention. This is very important,” noted Kairat Murzalin, Head of Functional, Ultrasound and Radiation Diagnostics Department.

The procedure is not difficult. Patients are injected with a special medication that enters the heart through the blood flow. The gamma camera captures this as a colored 3D image and sends it to the monitor. The doctor detects myocardial diseases by the intensity of color. The new method improves the quality of treatment.