Cardiac arrhythmia can be cured in 3 hours

For the first time in Almaty, two unique surgeries were performed using innovative technologies that eliminated the complicated heart rhythm disturbances. The surgeries were performed in the Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Diseases. Specialists minimized the risk of complications as much as possible using very precise actions on tissues without incisions. They used the catheters that allow a surgeon to see a 3D map of a heart and block pathological impulses. The specialists call this an ablation.

“Basically, there is nothing new in this procedure. But microchips in this catheter are invisible. They are integrated.  Still, it records those particular oscillations that we need, and we get the image on the screen. It allows us to act rationally, that is, to act exactly where needed,” said Roin Rekvava, Head Of Arrhythmia Department in the Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Diseases.

These surgical operations served as a master class for medical residents and future specialists. First of all, they learned how to use new devices for this surgery.

“In fact, when treating cardiac arrhythmias, it’s not just efficiency that counts, but safety as well. Thanks to new technologies, we can precisely localize the source of arrhythmia. That means we will not harm the healthy heart tissues; we will only remove the pathological cardiac tissue,” added surgical resident Gulnaz Dusekeyeva.

The idea is simple. The ablation catheter is equipped with diagnostic microelectrodes, which transmit the detailed information about the heart’s troublesome area directly to the monitor. This reduces the risk of complications after surgery by almost one hundred percent.