COVID-19 reinfections are possible, Kazakh Health Ministry says

Kazakh residents who got infected and then recovered from COVID-19 can be infected with coronavirus again, Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy stated at a press briefing. He warned that the COVID-19 antibodies remain in the body of asymptomatic carriers of the virus for just one month and among those people who had a moderate or severe COVID-19 case – up to five months. This implies that citizens who were infected with coronavirus this summer will be at risk already this December, and they can get reinfected with a dangerous virus, Tsoy said.

“Thus, if the peak of coronavirus infection in Kazakhstan was in June and July of this year, then we can conduct an analysis and predict that “in five months” will be November and December, respectively. In our country, the antibodies are actually on the decline even among those who had a moderate or severe COVID-19, and therefore, there is a high risk for them of getting infected with coronavirus again,” said Alexey Tsoy, Kazakh Health Minister.

Although there are already reported COVID-19 reinfection cases in the world, Kazakhstan has still not recorded such cases. Vaccination can minimize contamination. However, Tsoy said that while the coronavirus vaccine has not been developed yet, it is necessary to follow quarantine measures. To date, the rise in COVID-19 infection rates among other member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States are 11 times higher than in Kazakhstan.