Expert discusses how to avoid second COVID-19 wave

The novel coronavirus is still spreading among us. Experts from the National Center of Public Health warn Kazakh residents that the risk of infection is still high. The chance of contracting coronavirus is higher in the fall, because it’s the acute respiratory infections season. The expert advice to people remains the same: get vaccinated, wash your hands, follow social distancing and dress according to the weather.

“The novel coronavirus is among us. We went through the first COVID-19 wave, but the virus is not going to just disappear, it will stay with us. We need to learn how to live with it and not get infected again. Wash your hands, use sanitizers, boost your immune system, do not attend public events - all of these preventive measures remain,” said Zhazira Yemberdiyeva, Head of the Center for Public Health Promotion of National Center Of Public Health under Kazakh Health Ministry.

Wearing masks is especially important. Experts believe that it is the most effective way to avoid the second COVID-19 wave, and, as a result, reintroduction of strict quarantine measures. Yemberdiyeva said that if 70 percent of Kazakh population wears personal protective equipment, mass infections will not happen.

“People behave a little irresponsibly. There is no social responsibility. It is necessary to wear masks in public transport, when visiting pharmacies and in supermarkets. A mask will protect you. These are the effective preventive measures. For people to think that they will not get infected and there is no coronavirus at all is wrong,” Yemberdiyeva reiterated.

Currently, the epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan is stable. Medical organizations are all ready to receive patients, and pharmacies are supplied with medicines. However, there is a possibility that the prepared armoury for fighting COVID-19 wave might not be needed. In other words, whether a resurgence in coronavirus cases occurs or not depends only on us, experts emphasize.