Kazakh scientists create alternative to antiseptics

Kazakh scientists create alternative to antiseptics

Scientists from Kazakhstan developed a useful and, most importantly, highly demanded know-how – alcohol-free antiseptic. Marzhan Dosmagambetova with her student created the alternative remedy that is safe for the human body and costs way cheaper that its analogues. It consists of malic, lactic and even tartaric acids.

“For example, an alcohol spray produced in Moscow consists of 70 percent alcohol, one percent chlorhexidine and pH from 9 to 11. Our spray consists of food acids, such as malic, lactic and tartaric and pH from 1 to 2. This pH is absolutely safe for the human body. pH from 1 to 2 is very acidic, which destroys viruses very well,” said scientist-technologist Marzhan Dosmagambetova.

Domestic scientists developed another useful product for cleaning floors. It is absolutely safe for humans, but destructive for microbes and viruses. It can and should be used for disinfection, especially in kindergartens.

“It does not polish surfaces, because we removed phosphoric acid from the composition. There is no pungent smell in the chlorine composition and it is very comfortable to work with this product,” noted a student Raigul Ryskaliyeva.

The scientists with the state support are ready to launch mass production of the new remedies against viruses.


Photo: today.kz