Europe is in decisive moment to not repeat spring scenario, EU experts say

Europe is in decisive moment to not repeat spring scenario, EU experts say

The novel coronavirus is not going to calm down. The second COVID-19 wave has already overtaken a number of countries. For example, British residents are preparing for the new forced self-isolation, BBC reported. The approach of anxiety is palpable in the United Kingdom. Some local supermarkets have again announced restrictions on the number of items sold to one person. This measure applies to toilet paper, sanitizers, eggs and pasta. This is just a precautionary measure, as long as stocks of products in warehouses are sufficient. 6,634 more coronavirus cases were registered in the UK in the last 24 hours.

According to France’s Health Ministry, a record single-day increase in COVID-19 cases was recorded in the country. The local authorities have indicated that additional measures are needed.

“It’s a race against time. The public must be attentive and prudent. If we don’t act, we could find ourselves in a situation similar to spring,” French Prime Minister Jean Castex said.

The European Union experts say that Europe still has a chance of not returning to the coronavirus figures of last spring. Right now is a critical moment in the pandemic in the region.

With some Member States experiencing higher numbers of cases than during the peak in March, it is abundantly clear that this crisis is not behind us. We are at a decisive moment, and everyone has to act decisively and use the tools we have,” EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said, highlighting that ‘this might be our last chance to prevent a repeat of last spring.”

Currently, the authorities of many countries are confident that if no action is taken and people do not become more responsible when it comes to following necessary safety measures, it would be difficult to avoid new lockdowns.

Coronavirus cases have exceeded 32 million globally. 22 million people recovered from COVID-19 globally. The global COVID-19 death toll stands at nearly 978,000. The United States remains the hardest-hit country in the current pandemic. The COVID-19 infected nearly seven million people in the U.S. India has the second-highest caseload in the world. The country registered a total of 5,818,570 coronavirus cases. Brazil has the third-highest caseload with a total of more than 4,6 million infections, followed by Russia, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Argentina and South Africa.