Nur-Sultan forms staff reserve of 1,500 medical workers to prepare for possible COVID-19 resurgence

Nur-Sultan forms staff reserve of 1,500 medical workers to prepare for possible COVID-19 resurgence

Preventive measures to prepare for a possible second COVID-19 wave are taken in the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan. On the initiative of the mayoral office and the Public Health Department of Nur-Sultan, the staff reserve was formed among the employees of private medical organizations and national clinics, as well as students and professors of medical universities. This was announced by Head of Nur-Sultan Public Health Department Timur Muratov during a meeting with the heads of medical organizations of the city.

“To date, there are nearly 1,500 specialists selected for the staff reserve. Particular attention is given to increasing the medical personnel’s potential in treatment of coronavirus patients. There is a commission for monitoring medical institutions on the organization of care for COVID-19 patients. A hotline that will provide assistance on issues related to COVID-19 round the clock was launched. Awareness-raising campaigns on the prevention of coronavirus infection is carried out among the population on an ongoing basis, as well as the provision of medicines and personal protective equipment (PPE) to medical organizations,” Muratov said.

He added that the city's hospitals are equipped with ventilators by 98 percent. Thus, 434 ventilators are available at medical facilities, while the threshold indicator recommended by Kazakh Health Ministry is 370.

In addition, the availability of oxygen therapy stands at 45.6 percent with a target indicator of 35 percent. There are also 19 CT scanners, 27 X-ray equipment, 583 oxygen concentrators and nearly 1,584 oxygen gas outlets from national clinics, private medical organizations and other organizations.

The meeting also discussed the results of the monitoring of primary health care (PHC) organizations on their preparedness for a possible resurgence of COVID-19.

“The monitoring group composed of staff of the Public Health Department and the Department for Quality Control and Safety of Goods and Services, has begun a tour of health facilities since September 1 this year. To date, all 35 PHC organizations, including 16 public and 19 private, have been checked,” said Aliya Rustemova, Deputy Head of Public Health Department of Nur-Sultan.