WHO sees record one-day rise in coronavirus cases worldwide

WHO sees record one-day rise in coronavirus cases worldwide

The World Health Organization reported a record one-day rise in the number of coronavirus cases, with almost 308,000 confirmed over 24 hours. The previous single-day record was registered a week ago, when the number of cases exceeded 306,000.

One of the hardest hit countries by COVID-19 is France, with more than 10,500 cases reported in just one day. Most of them were registered among young people.

Another European country that is struggling to control the coronavirus spread is the Czech Republic, where 1,541 people at once were infected in three days. Neighboring countries have begun to impose restrictions on the entry from the Czech Republic. 

More than 6.5 million COVID-19 cases were reported in the United States. The country records over 40,000 infected people per day. Despite this, the U.S. will suspend the COVID-19 testing on international flights starting today, because it is very expensive and is recognized as an ineffective measure. Instead, the focus will be on advocacy for prevention of the coronavirus spread.

Meanwhile, Israel has imposed a new three-week nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak. It will come into effect on Friday and involves the closure of schools, shopping centers and restaurants and restrictions of the movement of residents. Citizens will be allowed to leave their homes only for a trip to work. Over 4,000 people catch the infection here per day. The number of cases in Israel is approaching 156,600.

According to Johns Hopkins University, to date, 29,006,033 people are infected with coronavirus worldwide. The global death toll exceeded 923,000.


Photo: russian.rt.com