India becomes second worst-hit country surpassing Brazil

India becomes second worst-hit country surpassing Brazil

306,626 people worldwide caught coronavirus in the past day, which is absolute record, Johns Hopkins University reported. The similar figure was registered on August 14, when 304,351 people were infected with the dangerous virus globally. The overall global coronavirus cases surpassed 27 million, more than 883,000 patients died, while approximately 187 million managed to recover.

The United States accounted for the world’s highest number of cases and deaths at 6.2 million and 188,932 respectively. In terms of cases, India ranked second with 4,204,613, followed by Brazil with 4,137,521 and then Russia, Peru, Colombia, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Chile.

India continues to break anti-records for the number of new coronavirus cases. More than 90,000 more COVID-19 cases were registered there in the last 24 hours. Now the country is the second in the world in terms of the number of infections. It overtook Brazil, which until today occupied the second position in terms coronavirus cases in the global pandemic.

According to Euronews, European countries began closing their borders again due to a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases in recent days. Earlier, in March, many of them banned from entering tourists, including citizens of the European Union. Entry into Hungary is prohibited since last Tuesday. Same has been in effect in Denmark since spring. Experts believe that it is precisely the closure of borders that could be one of the most effective ways to combat the virus. 

The sharp rise in new COVID-19 cases is concerning the British authorities. According to the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care, the majority of those infected are young people. Government authorities once again urge British residents to follow the social distancing rules in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. In total, COVID-19 infected 347,000 people and killed 41,500 patients in the UK.

“The cases are predominantly among younger people, but we have seen in other countries across the world and in Europe this sort of rise in the cases amongst younger people leading to a rise across the population as a whole. It is so important that people don’t allow this illness to infect their grandparents. It’s so important that everybody does their bit and follows the social distancing. It’s really important that we have reopened schools. The workplaces which have reopened are Covid-secure, they follow strong Covid-secure guidelines,” UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said.