Now is not the time to relax: Kazakh celebrities share opinions on coronavirus

Now is not the time to relax: Kazakh celebrities share opinions on coronavirus

Information websites are full of headlines telling that coronavirus loses its grip and epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan is improving. People in the country, who until recently seemed to be afraid to catch the insidious disease, got back to normal life now. However, experts assured that this is not the time to relax and, moreover, people need to take more seriously the prevention of the dangerous virus during the easing of quarantine measures. There are more and more people in big crowds on the streets, many citizens do not wear masks in public places and do not maintain distance.

We decided to ask public figures of Kazakhstan what do they think about the disease, are they afraid of getting infected, do they follow the rules and what do they think about the epidemiological situation in the country? A journalist Makhabbat Yessen said that the consequences of coronavirus will be felt not only in the statistics of deaths. The changes are obvious. The fact that people in Kazakhstan have rethought their values is enough. They began spending more time at home. However, there are those who still have not appreciated the seriousness of the situation with the virus.

“Until the autumn seasonal boom of viruses, I would like the country’s citizens remain vigilant and keep observing with distance, sanitary rules and, yes, perhaps completely new standards of life. Viruses came not for a while, we have to live with them now and, apparently, this is a normal evolutionary process for humanity. Those who adapt will survive! Observe the self-isolation regime to put an end to the epidemic as soon as possible, it's time for all of us to learn to realize our responsibility,” noted the journalist.

Olympic champion Serik Sapiyev also shared his opinion on how to protect from the virus. He believes that personal protective measures cannot be neglected. People also need to take vitamins not to get sick.

“Viruses such as flu, cold and others are often raging in the city, and we take precautions by wearing warm clothes, eating onion and garlic, taking Vitamin C and drinking tea with rose hip and strawberry. Same with coronavirus, which keeps spreading. The quarantine measures have not been finally lifted, so I fully support what the state recommends. I urge everyone to apply coronavirus precautions,” said Serik Sapiyev.

Many people simply ignore these precautions anyway. Some of them still do not want to abandon traditions despite the “coronavirus ban on lavish celebrations with a large number of guests”. Many conduct their weddings in underground structures. Experts are confident that such events lead to the massive spread of the virus. Famous Kazakh actor, showman and producer Nurtas Adambay agreed that now is not the time for celebrations and festivities.

“Like everyone else, I am all for observing safety measures. People should be patient and wait until quarantine ends. Be healthy, everyone!” he said.

Many pop artists believe that people need to start with themselves. Singer Darkhan Juzz said that in addition to all personal protective equipment, he has begun doing sports more actively since the virus appeared. He jogs every morning since the beginning of quarantine. The only way to resist the dangerous infection is by strengthening the immune system, he noted. Although the main thing is still the prudence, the rapper stressed.

“Although the epidemic seems to be receding, I believe that in no case should we relax. Prevention is better than cure. Of course, I agree that now it is better to abandon a large crowd of people,” he concluded.

To date, more than 100,000 people in Kazakhstan are infected with the dangerous virus. Authorities urge the country’s residents to observe with sanitary rules and even make these rules their own good habits.