Kazakhstan seeks volunteers for COVID-19 vaccine testing

Kazakhstan seeks volunteers for COVID-19 vaccine testing

Kazakhstan is seeking human volunteers who want to be among the first to be injected with the domestically developed COVID-19 vaccine. Experts said that all necessary preclinical studies have been carried out, confirming that the vaccine is safe and ready for human testing. Kazakh scientists tested the vaccine candidate on laboratory mice for a month and a half. 

“We tested the vaccine for acute toxicity, chronic toxicity, injection place irritation and allergenicity. All of this is taken and then evaluated on whether the vaccine is safe or not. The study showed that the vaccine was safe and could be moved to the next stage, which is human trials,” said Head of a pharmacological  testing laboratory Valentina Shnaukshta.

Clinical trials of the vaccine developed by the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems will be conducted at the National Scientific Center of Phthisiopulmonology. Volunteers for human trials need to be Kazakh citizens aged 18 to 50. Experts outlined the requirements for candidates.

“Volunteers need to have no history of COVID-19 diagnosis. In addition, in the last 14 days since the start of the human trials, volunteers must not be in close contact with people with suspected or laboratory confirmed COVID-19. Also, according to the rules of the study, participants must not have chronic infections and any allergic reactions. People with alcohol and drug addiction, mental disorders, serious endocrine disorder and kidney failure will not be allowed to take part in clinical trials. Volunteers should not be registered with chronic heart and circulatory system diseases. Pregnant and lactating women will also not be allowed to become participants in the study,” the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems said. 

A total of 33 COVID-19 candidate vaccines from 19 countries are currently undergoing clinical evaluation. The World Health Organization included the Kazakh coronavirus vaccine in the list of candidate vaccines approved for clinical trials at the end of last month. 


Photo: zakon.kz