70 percent of world population must be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity to COVID-19, says WHO Chief Scientist

70 percent of world population must be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity to COVID-19, says WHO Chief Scientist

Global vaccine coverage should be 65 to 70 percent to reach herd immunity to the novel coronavirus, the World Health Organization’s Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan said, Tass News Agency reported. The WHO’s COVID-19 technical lead Maria van Kerkhove stressed that trying to reach herd immunity naturally would be dangerous and fraught with scores of deaths. She said that vaccination is the most effective way to protect the population.

“What we are working towards (…) is to have a safe and effective vaccine that can provide protection to a large proportion of the population, so the virus doesn’t have an opportunity to transmit,” Dr. Maria van Kerkhove said.

Despite the fact that coronavirus cases continue to increase in European countries, their school students will return to classrooms with the beginning of the new academic year.

For example, in Spain, students over the age of six will attend classes wearing masks. This measure is being introduced in all regions of the country to combat the spread of the coronavirus as part of a new centralized approach agreed on Thursday between Madrid and regional authorities. Nearly 7,300 more COVID-19 cases were registered in Spain in the last 24 hours. The country reported a total of more than 429,500 coronavirus cases and nearly 29,000 deaths.

The school year will start on time in France, but students aged 11 to 18 will be required to wear masks. The situation with the spread of COVID-19 in the country has markedly deteriorated. More than 6,000 new positive cases of infection were registered in France in the last 24 hours. Nearly a fifth of France has been designated a ‘red zone’ due to the spread of COVID-19.  Paris authorities made a decision on the mandatory wearing of protective masks throughout the city. The number of infected people has reached nearly 298,000 since the beginning of the epidemic in the country. Over 30,000 patients died from complications, which they suffered due to the disease.

1,507 more COVID-19 cases were reported in Germany in the past 24 hours. More than 240,000 people have tested positive for the virus since the beginning of the pandemic in the country. Most of schools in the state opened. In Berlin, new infection cases were confirmed in 41 schools out of over 820 educational institutions. Thousands of school students were placed in quarantine throughout the country. Federal Government and regional authorities agreed to impose a minimum fine of 50 euro for not wearing protective masks.

According to the latest data of Johns Hopkins University, to date, coronavirus cases have exceeded 24,481,000 globally. More than 832,000 patients died from complications caused by the virus. The United States still has the biggest number of 5,869,000 coronavirus cases, followed by Brazil with over 3,761,000 cases, India with 3,387,500 cases, and then Russia, South Africa, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Chile and Argentina.


Photo: kazinform.kz