Expert discusses post-infectious syndrome among Kazakh children recovered from COVID-19

Expert discusses post-infectious syndrome among Kazakh children recovered from COVID-19

Since the onset of the spread of the novel coronavirus in Kazakhstan, more than 2,500 children in the country have been diagnosed with COVID-19. 111 of them are newborns. Nearly 80 percent of children were asymptomatic patients with a mild course of COVID-19, while the remaining 20 percent experienced a moderate or severe disease course. Experts said that they were mainly children with severe concomitant chronic diseases, which aggravated the course of coronavirus infection. Fortunately, there were no COVID-19-related fatalities among children, stated Chairperson of the Scientific Center of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery Riza Boranbayeva at a press briefing.

“In April and May, in countries with a high COVID-19 incidence rate, a new disease in the form of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), temporarily associated with COVID-19, was diagnosed among children after their recovery from coronavirus. MIS-C is a delayed immunological phenomenon associated with inflammation after COVID-19. This pathology is more of a post-infectious syndrome that develops in children three to five weeks after recovery from COVID-19, as evidenced by the detection of antibodies in the blood of such patients,” Boranbayeva said.

She added that this syndrome bears a clinical similarity to the disease named after a Japanese doctor, but there are some differences. The main dissimilarity is that adolescents and young people under the age of 21 are susceptible to the disease. However, Boranbayeva noted that to date, only 16 cases of MIS-C were registered in Kazakhstan. Half of children have already been discharged, while the remaining patients are receiving treatment in multidisciplinary hospitals for children. She said that in this case it is important to bear in mind that early diagnosis and timely medical care in most cases lead to a favorable outcome and recovery of the child.