Campaign to organize vacation for doctors recovered from COVID-19 may launch in Kazakhstan

Campaign to organize vacation for doctors recovered from COVID-19 may launch in Kazakhstan
Heads of public and state tourism organizations on a meeting last Friday in Almaty voiced an initiative to launch a campaign “Kazakhstan’s Tourism for Kazakhstan’s health workers.” The campaign is aimed at organizing vacation in Kazakh resorts for doctors who have recovered from coronavirus. As a result, leaderships of the Eurasian Tourism Association and the Kazakh National Resort Association signed a memorandum of cooperation. As part of this document, the parties plan not only to jointly develop and promote medical and sanatorium tourism in the country, but also to address the issues of rehabilitation of patients and doctors who have recovered from COVID-19.
Vice President of the Kazakh National Resort Association Marat Shalov commented on how health workers could gain strength and improve their health.

“Many doctors who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus endangered their health, which exacerbated the current situation with a shortage of medical staff in the country. We believe that the doctors who have recovered are in dire need of early and late rehabilitation in sanatoriums. We must take care of our doctors, especially at this difficult time. We need a special rehabilitation program. We also need financial support from the state, represented by the Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF). We must arrange it as soon as possible,” commented Marat Shalov.

The expert informed that it would be possible to place doctors in local sanatoriums in the autumn-winter season, when they have a mild workload. The Association plans to conduct inspections of nearly 145 local sanatoriums very soon.

“We do not have a list of resorts in Kazakhstan, which would include sanatoriums, their expertise, location, so that doctors would know where to send patients for further rehabilitation. We have signed an agreement with “Kazakh Tourism” to monitor and research our resorts. For example, we have climatic sanatoriums, balneal resorts. The resorts should be divided into categories and checked for provision with the necessary equipment,” the expert noted.

It is not known yet if the representatives of Kazakh tourism industry would be able to support the health workers fighting against COVID-19. However, the possibility of implementing the announced initiative is already being studied by the relevant departments.