Expert advises to continue abiding by safety measures after quarantine lifting

Expert advises to continue abiding by safety measures after quarantine lifting
Kazakh Health Ministry representatives urge the country’s population to continue following safety measures despite the decision of Kazakh government and the state commission to ease the quarantine restrictions. This is a guarantee of further stabilization of the epidemiological situation in the country.
“Perhaps many of us are now in a state of euphoria and joy because the strict quarantine has ended, and we can actively visit the shopping and entertainment centers, shops, beauty salons, each other’s homes and restaurants. But we must always remember that as long as the virus exists, we will not be able to lead those carefree lives we were used to and have uncontrolled freedom of movement. Masks, sanitizers and social distancing will always be our essential attributes in everyday life,” said Zhazira Yemberdiyeva, Head of the Center for Public Health Promotion of the National Center of Public Health.

Kazakh Health Ministry has already announced a number of requirements regarding the activity of the population: restrictions on movement on the streets, visiting to parks, squares and embankments, and strict observance of mask rule in public transport. In turn, health workers ask people not to forget about the importance of strict adherence to the main anti-epidemic measures.
“Social distancing of at least one and a half or two meters, frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds, applying hand sanitizer and wearing masks in crowded places and enclosed spaces. It is also recommended to strengthen the immune system and take vitamins. These are the most effective preventive measures,” Yemberdiyeva said.
She said that in view of the coming autumn-winter epidemiological season of acute respiratory diseases and influenza, which may aggravate the incidence of COVID-19, it is recommended to get vaccinated against seasonal flu in October. Detailed consultation can be obtained at local polyclinics by place of residence.
As for the disinfection of houses and offices, doctors advise to carry out wet cleaning on a continuous basis, as well as ventilate the rooms frequently, humidify and decontaminate the air. If these measures are followed, the population will have protection and certain guarantees so as not to get infected with COVID-19 in the coming season.