Kazakhstan concludes QazCovid vaccine preclinical trials

Kazakhstan concludes QazCovid vaccine preclinical trials

Preclinical trials of the national COVID-19 vaccine ‘QazCovid’ completed in Kazakhstan. The drug is not toxic, does not trigger allergic reactions and could be used on human volunteers for further clinical trials, reported the press office of the National Center for Expertise of Medicines and Medical Devices (NCEMMD), which conducted the trials.

Further large-scale clinical trials are needed to fully assess the safety and efficacy of the new vaccine so that it can be used for immunization of Kazakh citizens. Only after completion of every research stage, it will be possible to speak about the complete safety of the vaccine,” Head of the NCEMMD’s Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory in Almaty Valentina Shnaukshta said.

The ‘QazCovid’ vaccine has been thoroughly tested for safety and toxic effects on the body of animals when administered in high doses. According to the NCEMMD, the results of the preclinical trials showed that the drug against COVID-19 could be used on humans. The Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory is the only one in Kazakhstan that has the status of international accreditation and conducts bioequivalent research.

It was previously reported that the World Health Organization has registered the product of Kazakh scientists of the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems of the Science Committee of Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science. It has been added to the list of COVID-19 vaccine candidates that can be tested. The drug was developed on the basis of a strain of the novel coronavirus isolated from infected patients in Kazakhstan.