Kazakh healthcare facilities resume normal operations as country’s COVID-19 situation stabilizes

Kazakh healthcare facilities resume normal operations as country’s COVID-19 situation stabilizes
In Kazakhstan, the COVID-19 incidence rate is on the decline. Nearly 80 percent of coronavirus patients in the country reported to have fully recovered, stated official spokesperson of Kazakh Health Ministry Bagdat Kozhakhmetov at a press briefing. He said that infectious diseases and provisional hospitals get closed daily in the country with only 8,500 beds currently occupied. Since August 1, more than 600 medical organizations have resumed scheduled patient appointments.

“The spread of coronavirus infection is decreasing. Consequently, the burden on the country’s health facilities is reduced. Infectious diseases and provisional hospitals are being closed. While on July 15, the number of beds in infectious diseases, provisional and quarantine hospitals was 58,798, of which 57 percent or 33,493 beds were occupied, as of August 17, 36,938 beds remain in hospitals, of which only 23 percent or 8,745 beds are occupied,” Kozhakhmetov said. 

He stressed that during the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country, Kazakh medical organizations and hospitals switched to an emergency mode. Since August 1, with the improvement of the epidemiological situation, the clinics have started to gradually resume normal operations. First of all, specialized clinics at the national level and multidisciplinary hospitals at the regional, city and district levels resumed hospitalization with the phasing-in of the remaining hospitals not involved in combating COVID-19.

“To date, 626 medical organizations which provide services for therapeutic, cardiological, gastroenterological, allergological, surgical, neurological, pulmonological, resuscitation, obstetric-gynecological, neurosurgical, traumatological profiles, thoracic surgery, rehabilitation treatment, and medical rehabilitation resumed their work. A complete list of scheduled healthcare providers is available on the Social Health Insurance Fund website. The list will be continuously updated,” Kozhakhmetov said. 
Photo:  aipm.kz