Ventilators and ultrasonic masks: How do Kazakh manufacturers contribute to fight against COVID-19?

Ventilators and ultrasonic masks: How do Kazakh manufacturers contribute to fight against COVID-19?

A plant located in Akmola region delivered 700 ventilators to 14 regions of Kazakhstan. Their total cost is estimated at 310 million tenge (US$739,000). In addition, according to Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, the plant donated 180 more devices to Kazakh Health Ministry. By the end of the year, it is planned to deliver additional 55 ventilators at the request of the enterprises of the country. 

Kazakhstan also plans to localize the production of Turkish ventilators, Kazakh Health Ministry reports.

“Kazakhstan and Turkey intend to exchange approaches to lifting quarantine restrictions, cooperate on the production of medicines for the treatment of coronavirus infection, and localize the production of ventilators,” said the statement published following the visit of Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov and Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy to Turkey.

During the visit, the Kazakh delegation observed the work of the district hospital in the city of Manisa located near Ankara. Particular attention was paid to the automation of medical and technological processes, compliance with social distancing and sanitary rules.

The delegation also met with the scientific and medical community and Turkey’s Health Minister Fahrettin Koca to discuss expanding cooperation to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Moreover, Kazakhstan started producing ultrasonic masks using Israeli technology. Such masks are capable of destroying most of the viruses and bacteria known to the world. Manufacturers say that the shelf life of the protective face mask made by using ultrasonic welding equipment is one year. The plan is to sell innovative masks in the markets of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Southeast Asia. For this purpose, producers have already attracted investments of more than 140 million tenge (US$334,129). However, the cost of high-tech masks has not been specified yet.