Kazakh citizens should receive COVID-19 medicines for free, says SHIF chair

Kazakh citizens should receive COVID-19 medicines for free, says SHIF chair

At a briefing in the Central Communications Service, Chairperson of the Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) Bolat Tokezhanov spoke about which medicines Kazakh citizens infected with COVID-19 may receive for free.

“Free medicines are provided for the treatment of respiratory diseases, including the following medications for outpatient treatment of COVID-19 financed by the SHIF: azithromycin, amoxicillin, which are antibacterial medicines as well as ibuprofen and paracetamol to reduce fever. Adults are prescribed antibacterial medications such as azithromycin,” he said.

He informed that the fund worked out tariffs taking into account the severity of treatment in order to reimburse all costs to medical organizations charged with diagnostics, treatment of coronavirus and its complications. In this regard, the issue of allocating additional 110 billion tenge (US$265.1 million) is being addressed. Nearly 140 billion tenge (US$337.4 million) will be allocated within the system of compulsory social health insurance in the country.

“The treatment of a person in a mild condition of coronavirus will amount to 292,600 tenge (US$705.2), in a moderate condition 446,100 tenge (US$1,075), severe 1.5 million tenge (US$3,615). The fund will pay 1.7 million tenge (US$4,097) for the treatment of a patient in an extremely severe condition,” noted Bolat Tokezhanov.

He added that in the structure of the tariff for the provision of ambulance, the cost of personal protective equipment also increased by an average of 40 percent.

“The fund will allocate about 7.7 billion tenge (US$18.5 million) for the work of mobile teams from the additionally planned volumes of financing. Over 3,000 such teams have already been created at polyclinics and family outpatient clinics,” commented the SHIF Chairperson.

During the briefing, he concluded that 56.7 billion tenge (US$136.6 million) was allocated to the measures for the fight against COVID-19. Agreements were signed with 630 suppliers to provide assistance to the population, including for treatment in hospitals, the provision of medical care in the amount of 13.4 billion tenge (US$32.2 million), 38.1 billion tenge (US$91.8 million) of bonuses for health workers for special working conditions, 5.2 billion tenge (US$12.5 million) for PCR-diagnostics.


Photo: m.azh.kz