Kazakhstan prepares 12th treatment protocol of coronavirus

Kazakhstan prepares 12th treatment protocol of coronavirus

Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy announced that a new, 12th treatment protocol of coronavirus is being worked out, focusing on medicines which can be taken at home under supervision of a local doctor.

Medical staff has previously worked in accordance to the 11th version. Antiviral therapy was revised in this document. Amendments were based on global experience.

“We have changed the treatment method. Based on the experience of other countries, we keep working in this direction. Currently, we are procuring medicines and tests,” said Alexey Tsoy.

He declared that work of the Social Health Insurance Fund will be transparent. The ministry plans to establish a special public council to identify gaps in the Fund’s work. The minister has already instructed a new administration to make the information where the funds are allocated publicly available. Costs will be also revised. Nearly 1.3 billion tenge (US$3.1 million) were redistributed to save resources.

“We have the instruction and many controlling structures. They came to check how effectively the funds are allocated. A legal assessment will be given. Despite this, we create the Public Council. We want to show this work and, in case of gaps, to identify them, respond properly and rebuild these processes,” said Alexey Tsoy.

He also told about the plans on the end of quarantine. The measures will be eased in stages, taking into account the epidemiological situation in each region. If the situation is improved, kindergartens and development centers may be opened. A rehabilitation program is also under development for those who got coronavirus once. Alexey Tsoy said that the Health Insurance Fund is responsible for this work.


Photo:  ktk.kz