Wonder cure for coronavirus: expert dispels popular myths

Wonder cure for coronavirus: expert dispels popular myths

People in Kazakhstan receive messages with headlines about “a new cure for the treatment of coronavirus”, one might say, every hour. At first, it was suggested to treat a dangerous infection with garlic, then kumis, ginger, and now a completely new wonder cure, ordinary horseradish. Experts said that the effectiveness of such “traditional” methods in the treatment of COVID-19 has no evidence base. Moreover, there has not been a single study in the world proving a positive effect on the infected people’s condition from the use of this vegetable.

“The situation with horseradish is another marketing ploy of sellers who raised horseradish prices, taking advantage of demand. Our population once again experienced a stir, shifting the focus from ginger onto horseradish root, the price of which has risen sharply in the markets and shops of Nur-Sultan. I ask all Kazakh citizens not to buy this root in markets and shops,” said Zhazira Yemberdiyeva, Head of the Center for Public Health of Kazakh Health Ministry.

She said that lemon, ginger, honey, horseradish, garlic and onion contain many vitamins, phytoncides and polyphenols. They can even be beneficial for the human body in a complex form as part of a balanced diet. Ginger and horseradish, for example, contain a lot of fiber and their extracts help speed up metabolism and raise specific immunity. The expert is confident that these products on their own are unlikely to be capable of curing the infection.

“The accelerated metabolism contributes to the rapid elimination of virus toxins from the human body. It is not worth making a panacea out of horseradish. It will not cure the coronavirus. Excessive consumption of horseradish root in food can cause side effects such as cough, tearing, and exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,” concluded Zhazira Yemberdiyeva.


Photo: rg.ru