COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan exceed 75,000

COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan exceed 75,000
1,685 more COVID-19 cases were registered in Kazakhstan in the last 24 hours, 743 of them are cases with no clinical symptoms of infection. 241 new coronavirus cases were registered in Almaty in the past day, 238 in East Kazakhstan region, 213 in Nur-Sultan, 175 in Karagandy region, 115 in Kyzylorda region, 109 in Atyrau region, 87 in West Kazakhstan region, 38 in Shymkent, 54 in Almaty region, 42 in Zhambyl region, 50 in Aktobe region, 68 in Pavlodar region, 16 in Turkistan region, 49 in Mangystau region, 82 in North Kazakhstan region, 54 in Akmola region and 54 in Kostanai region.
To date, there are 75,153 COVID-19 cases in the country, including 9,635 in Almaty, 9,392 in Atyrau region, 8,832 in Nur-Sultan, 7,401 in Karagandy region, 4,932 in West Kazakhstan region, 4,518 in Shymkent, 4,488 in East Kazakhstan region, 3,733 in Almaty region, 2,999 in Zhambyl region, 2,803 in Aktobe region, 2,515 in Pavlodar region, 2,513 in Turkistan region, 2,464 in Kyzylorda region, 2,397 in Mangystau region, 2,352 in North Kazakhstan region, 2,108 in Akmola region and 2,071 in Kostanai region.
Fortunately, the country’s coronavirus recovery numbers are also growing. A total of 46,790 COVID-19 patients in Kazakhstan reported to have recovered.