Everyday growth of COVID-19 halved, Kazakh Health Minister says

Everyday growth of COVID-19 halved, Kazakh Health Minister says

At a Government’s meeting held today, Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy spoke about the results of the two-week quarantine, which helped stabilize the spread and death rate from coronavirus.

“In total, taking into account the rapid measures over the two weeks, we have achieved the following positive results: everyday COVID-19 spread reduced from 4 to 2.1 percent; the number of recovered patients increased by 60 percent; the number of ambulance calls decreased by 23 percent; hospital beds occupancy rate reduced by 20 percent from 89 to 69 percent, surgical beds occupancy rate reduced by 6 percent from 73 to 67 percent,” he said.

The minister reported that today hospitals have 1,958 ventilators. With mayoral offices the ministry is purchasing 4,183 more devices, including 3,105 from local producers. More than 21,000 beds will be equipped with oxygen cylinders. 59 public and private laboratories with a throughput capacity of 32,000 tests a day are operating. Procedures for certification, registration as well as one-time import for medications were simplified. Retail is being saturated with medicines due to the acceleration of supplies by special cargo boards. Special stabilization funds have been formed in the regions.

“The list of outpatient medicines supply is being expanded. A monthly supply of medicines is being formed. Medications in the amount of a monthly requirement will be sent to medical organizations until July 22 of this year. A state stabilization fund will also be created at the SK-Pharmaceuticals LLP,” said Alexey Tsoy.

The maximum retail price for a medical mask was reduced by 28 percent. A reserve of personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers at the forefront has been formed until August. The Government allocated 7.2 billion tenge (US$16.8 million) for these purposes: to purchase 41 million masks, 27 million gloves, 379,000 protective suits as well as 1.2 million PCR tests. Alexey Tsoy noted that a similar reserve of PPE is formed from September to February 2021.


Photo: primeminister.kz