Kazakhstan adopts new treatment protocol of COVID-19

Kazakhstan adopts new treatment protocol of COVID-19

This is the 11th version of treatment protocol. An infectious disease doctor from Almaty Tamara Utaganova informed that amendments were made not only on the basis of recommendations of the World Health Organization, but also on the practical experience that doctors have gained. Now COVID-19 will be treated in hospitals with antiviral medications “Remdesivir” (Veklury) and “Favipiravir” (Avigan, Abigan and FabiFlu). Experts warned that the latter can be used only in hospital under the strict observance of doctors. By no means can “Favipiravir” be used in the treatment at home.

Patients are informed in advance that doctors plan to use this medicine in treatment and explain what reaction it can cause.

“The medicine will not be prescribed to every patient. It will be prescribed only after patient's informed consent. During the informed consent, we tell the patient that the medication is necessary for the treatment of coronavirus and tell in detail about its possible side effects. We determine the prevalence of benefits over risks with the patient. If the risks outweigh the benefits, then this medicine is not offered and is not used in the patient's treatment,” said Tamara Utaganova.


Photo: gmpnews.ru