Overall statistics in Kazakhstan to include both coronavirus and pneumonia cases

Overall statistics in Kazakhstan to include both coronavirus and pneumonia cases

At an online briefing, Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy reported that overall statistics in the country will now include both coronavirus and pneumonia cases.

“In addition to the generally accepted statistical recoding of coronavirus cases, it is necessary to draw attention to pneumonia. In order to ensure the maximal transparency of pneumonia data, Kazakh Health Ministry combined new approaches to account and generate statistical data. Given that consultation was held with the WHO Regional Office for Europe, we made a decision to switch to account COVID-19 cases based on the new codes,” he said.

Thus, cases of coronavirus confirmed in labs will be combined with the number of people who caught pneumonia but were tested negative for COVID-19 despite the fact they have its symptoms.

"Having analyzed the accumulated clinical experience, we see the similarity of these two diseases (coronavirus and pneumonia). Therefore, we believe that the common tactics should be used in their treatment. I would like to note that on July 11, Kazakh Health Ministry received an official notification from the World Health Organization regarding the classification and registration of COVID-19 cases in a new format," Tsoy said.

He added that until now only laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases were registered in  Kazakhstan.

"However, since the third decade of June, there has been an increase in cases of viral pneumonia without specifying the pathogen that caused them, that is, laboratory unconfirmed. Therefore, now the COVID-19 cases and deaths statistics will be formed from two sources of data: laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 and cases of viral pneumonia, unspecified, but with similar symptoms. A full transition to COVID-19 coding using the new codes of the international classification of the disease will be carried out from August 1 of this year," Tsoy informed.


Photo: zakon.kz