It is in our hands to win fight agaist coronavirus, ER doctor believes

It is in our hands to win fight agaist coronavirus, ER doctor believes

Emergency room (ER) doctors are serving at the invisible frontline fighting the novel coronavirus. These medical specialists are the ones who meet patients infected with the dangerous virus in provisional centers and infectious disease hospitals. These doctors quickly assess the condition of patients and decide which department they need to be referred to. Azat Toishybayev works in a multidisciplinary medical center. He is one of those who have been taking part in the fight against coronavirus since the start of the nationwide state of emergency due to the spread of COVID-19. It has been four months since he last saw his family. Toishybayev spent his free time, which he rarely has, with a Kazakh TV correspondent talking about his work.

The emergency room of the medical center, where Toishybayev works, receives from 15 to 40 patients a day. Some of coronavirus patients show acute symptoms of bilateral lung lesions.

"Patients come with mild, moderate or severe forms of the disease. We are now receiving patients with mild symptoms. Most of them are under the supervision of clinic doctors. If pneumonia is detected and the patient's condition worsens, a computed tomography scan is performed and the patient is immediately referred to our department. We carefully examine the patient and then send him for treatment depending on his state of health,"  Toishybayev said.

"We will definitely win the battle against coronavirus! For this, we must tirelessly work day and night!" With these words doctors, who are the guardians of the public health, start their every working day, Toishybayev shared. This is how the heroes in white coats set up themselves for daily, hourly and minute-to-minute victories in the war against coronavirus.

"I haven't seen my family for four months already. I keep in touch with them only by phone and not that often. There are days when I have enough energy only to drink a cup of coffee. There is no time even for sleep. We will overcome this disease sooner or later. It is in our hands. There is no one besides us. Every day we start our work with these words,"  Toishybayev said.

Today everybody understands that coronavirus does not spare anyone: neither the young, nor the elderly, neither men, nor women. Kazakh health workers are the ones who are there even during the most difficult times to support the patients, including mental support. In spite of everything, they carry out their professional duty, every day donning protective, but uncomfortable suits, and again and again rushing to the frontline of the fight with an invisible, but dangerous enemy. They are the prime example of selfless service.