Hospitals in Kazakhstan to receive medicines worth US$7.26 million

Hospitals in Kazakhstan to receive medicines worth US$7.26 million

Medicines worth nearly three billion tenge (US$7.26 million) are being delivered to clinics and hospitals in the country, Kazakh Deputy Health Minister Lyudmila Byurabekova stated at a press briefing. At the same time, procurement of medicines is underway both from domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers and importers in order to create the necessary three-month reserve.

"In addition, warehouses will be filled according to the predicted number of patients, so that our hospitals are provided with medicines until the end of the year,"  Byurabekova said.

She noted that the pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan is import-dependent. The share of domestic producers in the market amounts to 13 percent. The volume of purchases from domestic producers by a single distributor increased several times after signing long-term contracts for 10 years.

"To date, 50 percent of the nomenclature of a single distributor consists of drugs and medical products of domestic production,"  Byurabekova said.

Whether atypical pneumonia would be included in the COVID-19 statistics was also discussed at the press briefing.  Byurabekova said that the issues of coronavirus statistical data are currently being worked out jointly with the World Health Organization. In turn, Kazakh Health Ministry intends to present a new coronavirus incidence forecast in the near future.

"To date, foreign experts consult our scientists regarding making of incidence projections. Recently, we discussed all the possible scenarios, including an optimistic one, realistic one and more pessimistic one.  So far, we will stick to the current forecast. As soon as our scientists will once again look at all the numbers and the data on pneumonia cases that we now have will be taken into account, we will publish  the new forecast data on patient numbers in the near future," Byurabekova added.

Kazakh Deputy Foreign Minister Yerzhan Ashikbayev spoke about the support Kazakhstan received to fight COVID-19. Kazakh health workers held nearly 30 video conferences with their colleagues from China, South Korea, Japan, Israel and other states, as well as the WHO experts, during the fight against coronavirus.

"As for the humanitarian aid received, nearly 5.2 million masks, 98 ventilators, 260,000 various test systems and nearly 3,000 thermal imagers and thermometers were delivered to the country. At the same time, humanitarian aid is not limited only to medicines. As you know, doctors from China, Russia and other countries come to Kazakhstan to share their experience and knowledge,"  Ashikbayev said.