Warm fluids, walks and sunbathing: expert shares algorithm for at-home treatment of coronavirus

Warm fluids, walks and sunbathing: expert shares algorithm for at-home treatment of coronavirus

Coronavirus can and must be treated at home. If the first clinical features of the virus appeared, you should not go to a clinic or be tested for the disease, said Almaz Sharman, President of the Academy of Preventive Medicine. He told the algorithm for at-home treating in an interview to a Kazakh TV correspondent. The expert assured that if you caught COVID-19, treat it like a common cold. First of all, you need to drink plenty of fluids, walk in the sun and breathe fresh air.

“Do not panic; do not run to do PCR testing or CT scan. These places usually have crowds of sick people, so you are at high risk of getting infected there. You need to drink more fluids, for example, water with lemon to get vitamin C. Go outside if you can, but maintain a distance of two meters from people, wear mask and walk in the sun to get vitamin D. Eat well. Listen to your body. If you are not feeling well, lie down and take a break. Take antipyretics if you have a high body temperature. You need to help your immune system overcome this disease,” Almaz Sharman noted.

However, if the patient’s condition gets only worse over time and shortness of breath, coughing and sickness become more intense, he should immediately contact a medical specialist. Medicines and antibiotics must be taken only with doctor’s prescription, Sharman emphasized. He also reminded that the coronavirus disease is defined by its insidious form, so today the issue of its prevention is of great importance.

“Coronavirus is not a very deadly virus – it doesn’t have a high mortality rate, but at the same time it is extremely contagious. The peculiarity is that the novel coronavirus can infect people, but symptoms may not appear. The infected person may feel great, but still be an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19. Social responsibility plays a very important role. By wearing masks, we not only protect ourselves, but also protect others, because each of us can be a potential transmitter of coronavirus without even being aware of it,” Sharman concluded.

The expert gave other pieces of advice in the latest episode of the ‘Interview of the Day’ program. Those who have a good command of Russian may watch the full version via this link:



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