International organizations and foreign countries provide support to Kazakhstan

International organizations and foreign countries provide support to Kazakhstan

Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy spoke about the measures taken by the country to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as future plans, during an online meeting with the World Health Organization and the United Nations officials in Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh side also made a proposal to send WHO experts to provide practical assistance to medical specialists in the regions of the country.

According to the Health Ministry’s press office, Tsoy also spoke about how the work in the country is being organized. For example, currently they are actively informing the public and developing clear instructions for all levels of medical care. Health workers are being trained on the core elements of prevention and treatment of coronavirus infection. The process of setting up the reserve pool of staff is also in progress.

“We are expanding the use of computed tomography scanners and digital X-ray equipment in order to increase the availability of COVID-19 diagnostics in Kazakhstan. The work is carried out to organize coronavirus testing by mobile health teams. In addition, the capacity of COVID-19 testing laboratories is expanding,” Tsoy noted.

He also said that the equipment of hospitals with ventilators continues and the number of infectious diseases beds and provisional beds is expanded by 50 percent. Remote medical consultations are introduced on an outpatient basis. In addition, home health care is provided and ambulance availability is increased. The provision of essential drugs to pharmacies is another issue that the meeting participants discussed online. Tsoy said that the acceleration of purchasing procedures, supply of medicines and stimulation of domestic producers have already been worked out. The possibility of mutual cooperation in the fight against the virus was also mentioned.

“I would like to especially highlight the importance of creating a Supply Chain Task Force in relation to COVID-19 under the leadership of the UN and the WHO. Kazakhstan, like many other countries, is interested in participating in the system of organizing the supply of substantive materials needed in the fight against the novel coronavirus,” Tsoy emphasized.

Kazakhstan will participate in the coordination of this process and in the COVID-19 Supply Chain System. Respective candidacies for these positions have already been selected.

Russia is also providing assistance to Kazakhstan in the anti-coronavirus fight. The neighboring country will send additional 50,000 COVID-19 test systems.  The first delivery is scheduled for July 15. Since the beginning of the current pandemic, Russia has already donated 18,000 test systems to Kazakhstan.

“Russian non-profit organizations also deliver aid to Kazakhstan. It includes more than 100,000 masks, 20,000 pairs of gloves, thermometers, sanitizers and much more, and this list is not complete. There are lots of other things, which representatives of the Russian civil sector will send in July to Kazakh regions,” said Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova.

In addition, Russia allocated more than US$2 million to provide support to Kazakhstan in the fight against COVID-19.