Coronavirus cases in Kazakhstan exceed 53,000

Coronavirus cases in Kazakhstan exceed 53,000

1,962 more coronavirus cases at once were registered in Kazakhstan in the past day, including 1,209 asymptomatic carriers. Atyrau region had the biggest number of 658 more cases, followed by Almaty with 177 cases and Karagandy region with 150 cases.

The country has a total of 53,021 infected people, including 6,814(+658) in Atyrau region, 6,678(+177) in Almaty, 6,177(+120) in Nur-Sultan, 5,670(+150) in Karagandy region, 3,720(+61) in Shymkent, 3,600(+91) in West Kazakhstan region, 2,831(+81) in Almaty region, 2,426(+113) in East Kazakhstan region, 2,079(+28) in Turkistan region, 1,939(+89) in Aktobe region, 1,923(+57) in Zhambyl region, 1,742(+70) in Mangystau region, 1,564(+57) in Pavlodar region, 1,547(+35) in Akmola region, 1,515(+28) in Kyzylorda region, 1,482(+36) in North Kazakhstan region and 1,314(+111) in Kostanai region.

35,137 patients recovered from the virus. 264 died.