How Kazakh regions address medical equipment and staff shortage?

How Kazakh regions address medical equipment and staff shortage?
The situation in regions of Kazakhstan is under control. Additional hospital beds, ambulances and medical equipment are purchased in each region. This was declared by governors at an online briefing in regional departments of the Central Communications Service.
Governor of Zhambyl region Berdibek Saparbayev reported the shortage of essential medical equipment, saying that the region has only ten computed tomography scanners, which is not enough in the current situation. The governor noted that the issue of opening the CT rooms in each district is currently being addressed. He added that there are not enough ventilators as well.
“The region has only 148 ventilators, which are not enough for the many infected people. We are currently negotiating with Russia and Uzbekistan. We plan to purchase 50 such devices very soon,” he commented.
Berdibek Saparbayev also said that if the number of the infection cases in the region keeps increasing, 1,500 more hospital beds will be provided.
“Some sanatoriums and a tuberculosis hospital are vacated. Repair work is underway. They will also be converted into hospitals. They will fully operate in August,” he said.
He informed that retired doctors, students of specialized educational institutions, trainees, employees of medical institutions working in districts with a small number of patients and doctors of other specialties are retrained to address the issue of experts’ shortage.
Meantime, Akmola region Governor Yermek Marzhikpayev said that they intend to increase the number of beds in hospitals to 5,000. He added that ventilators and computed tomography scanners will also be additionally purchased. The agreement with suppliers has already been established.
“Currently, we need to purchase additional 71 ventilators. We signed a contract for 17 units of portable devices. CT scanners are used in six medical organizations. This device is highly necessary for determining the patient’s condition, so the work on purchasing one more CT scanner is in progress,” Marzhikpayev said.   
Shortage of ventilators is also observed in North Kazakhstan region. Additional 20 devices will be purchased by the region until the end of this month. In addition, Kazakh Health Ministry is considering the purchase of 38 ventilators ahead of schedule, in September. They were planned to be purchased only in December.
“Last week, 25 portable ventilators were installed into ambulances. The delivery of 18 ambulances with resuscitation equipment is expected this year,” said Governor of North Kazakhstan region Kumar Aksakalov.
Almaty region intends to equip ambulances with 57 portable artificial ventilation devices.
“In total, ambulance crews of Almaty region cover up to 3,000 calls per day. There is a heavy workload for the employees. Therefore, governor of the region made a decision to increase the current number of ambulance crews. By the end of the year, an additional delivery of 100 ambulances is expected, of which 70 were purchased through leasing and 30 vehicles at the expense of the local budget. Delivery will begin next month,” said Deputy Governor of Almaty region Batyrzhan Baizhumanov.