Intracranial hemorrhage, liver and kidney damage: doctors warn about dangers of self-medication with antithrombotic drugs

Intracranial hemorrhage, liver and kidney damage: doctors warn about dangers of self-medication with antithrombotic drugs

It is not a secret that one of the characteristic features of coronavirus is the development of thrombosis. News with such information has long circulated on social media and people began to take antithrombotic drugs on their own in the form of a self-medication in order to recover from coronavirus. However, not everyone has indications to take such medicines, a doctor of the highest qualification category Raushan Karabayeva said at a press briefing. She said that the use of such medicines is fraught with negative health consequences. Karabayeva urged Kazakh residents to practice a wise approach to taking medicines, without turning to heavy-duty medicines. In case of complications, people should immediately consult a doctor.

“Unfortunately, we see that there is a problem of self-administering injectable forms of anticoagulants at home without any laboratory monitoring of the blood coagulation system and risk assessment of side effects, such as gastrointestinal and intracranial bleeding, as well as liver and kidney damage. The uncontrolled use of these drugs is especially dangerous among elderly people with high blood pressure, with reduced kidney function and a high risk of falling. Taking a large number of medicines and dietary supplements carries the threat of possible unpredictable effects. At the same time, the comorbid patients, i.e. those who have concomitant diseases, in no case should interrupt routine treatment with basic drugs, because exacerbation or decompensation of a chronic disease can complicate the course of coronavirus disease and significantly worsen the prognosis for recovery,” Karabayeva said.

In addition, medical specialists once again reminded Kazakh residents should not believe the false messages spread on social media or instant messengers. Most often, this is the fake information - only official media must be trusted. Experts also commented on the speeches of popular Kazakh public figures on social media about global conspiracies, aerial spraying of the virus, 5G cell towers and other unconfirmed but widely distributed news.

“This information exists and it played a certain role in terms of social responsibility. Today, every family has somebody who is infected with coronavirus, some cases are critical. Therefore, I think that such misinformation is no longer relevant. Still, it is sad that the platform was used in a wrong way. Social disorientation is also quite a bad thing. Fortunately, there is also official and correct information on how to behave, as well as about social distancing and self-isolation. I believe that the bulk of our population follows these recommendations. Currently, there is a lot of false information. However, from the first days as soon as coronavirus pandemic started, the media and official websites of Kazakh Health Ministry and hospitals, as well as medical specialists kept saying that people should directly contact a doctor,” said Chief Doctor of the City Polyclinic №5 in Nur-Sultan Altynshash Tabuldina.