COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan reach 51,059

COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan reach 51,059

1,376 more COVID-19 cases were registered in Kazakhstan in the last 24 hours, including 847 asymptomatic and 549 symptomatic cases.

264 new positive cases of infection were reported in Atyrau region. The region is currently on the second place in terms of the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country, thereby displacing the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan, which is now on the third place. A large increase in the number of new infections was also registered in Karagandy region. 184 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the region in the last 24 hours. 143 new coronavirus cases were reported in Almaty, 73 in Nur-Sultan, 65 in Shymkent, 86 in West Kazakhstan region, 59 in Almaty region, 135 in East Kazakhstan region, 10 in Turkistan region, 77 in Zhambyl region, 22 in Aktobe region, 82 in Mangystau region, 28 in Akmola region, 47 in Pavlodar region, 31 in Kyzylorda region, 28 in North Kazakhstan region and 42 in Kostanai region.

To date, there are 51,059 COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan, including 6,501 in Almaty, 6,156 in Atyrau region, 6,057 in Nur-Sultan, 5,520 in Karagandy region, 3,659 in Shymkent, 3,509 in West Kazakhstan region, 2,750 in Almaty region, 2,313 in East Kazakhstan region, 2,051 in Turkistan region, 1,866 in Zhambyl region, 1,850 in Aktobe region, 1,672 in Mangystau region, 1,512 in Akmola region, 1,507 in Pavlodar region, 1,487 in Kyzylorda region, 1,446 in North Kazakhstan region and 1,203 in Kostanai region.

Fortunately, the number of recovered cases is also growing. A total of 16,928 COVID-19 patients in the country reported to have recovered. The nationwide death toll now stands at 264.