Trial of new COVID-19 testing is conducted in Kazakhstan

Trial of new COVID-19 testing is conducted in Kazakhstan
A trial of new COVID-19 testing started in Kazakhstan. A group of young scientists is testing how effective this method is.
“There is such a concept as the imprint of breath, which can show what is inside of us. We determine from these marks what it is via this method of diagnosis. What is this disease and at what stage is it,” said Bakhtiyar Azhken, an employee of UATL research university.
A person has to be surveyed before the trial. You need to provide the basic data that will be necessary for diagnosis. Only after that the scientists move on to the trial which lasts no more than two minutes.
“We need to install a disposable mouthpiece. A membrane is installed here that allows you to only exhale, not inhale air from there. This is one of the protective measures. All data from the nanosensors in the device is sent to the artificial intelligence server, which instantly produces the result,” said inventors of the development.
Scientists noted that if all the procedures are observed, it will be possible to study the population next month.
“The sensitivity of the PCR test is about 95 percent, although in fact it reaches 75 percent. Our diagnostic method corresponds to 95 percent and the more trials we conduct, the more accurate this diagnostic method will be, given that it is directly related to AI, which studies with each trial and improves. We strive for 99 percent. Nanosensors will identify any marks of coronavirus,” Bakhtiyar Azhken emphasized.
A new testing system for coronavirus was developed in the laboratory of Helsinki. Initially, it was created to determine diabetes and has worked well. The young scientists said that the device was remade for coronavirus due to its spread around the world. In the future, it may be converted to identification of other diseases, including cancer.